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Ayurvedic Ananda Facial Rejuvenation $125 Optional Shirodhara


Ayurvedic Ananda Rejuvenation Facial with Optional Shirodhara – 75mins, $125. With Shirodhara $175, 90mins


Literally transcend time with this facial that is steeped in ancient Ayurvedic therapeutic techniques, this facial will have you elevated to a lovely blissed out state of body and mind. Time permitting, you initiate your treatment with face down with the essential oil induced marma point therapy and light massage of the back. The Ananda Facial is meant to relax and illicit a deep sense of relaxation as nourishing, all natural products feed the skin, and a methodical intentional massage of face, scalp, neck and shoulders is applied, while stimulating marma energy points to further induce a natural state of tranquility and ease. And optional is the Shirodhara add-on where the ritual is completed by a warm herb infused oil shirodhara treatment to the head and scalp.  Followed by the balancing Tibetan bowl sound therapy that leaves you resonating to a cosmic vibration. *This treatment does not include extractions.

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What is Shirodhara? And what should I know?
This is a deeply relaxing treatment using warm herbalized oils poured in a gentle stream over the forehead, saturating the hair and scalp. This procedure synchronizes brain waves and profoundly coordinates and calms the mind, body, and spirit. Shirodhara enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, nourishes the hair, and scalp and generally aids in release of stress and tension. 
*Excess oil is removed by wringing hair into a towel post treatment, but please be prepared to leave with the herbal medicated oil still in your hair and scalp to continue it's healing process.  There is no shower facility currently on site, so we gladly provide a head wrap to protect clothing from residual oil, but please wear a top you are comfortable getting oil on.
What is Marma Therapy? 
Marmas are the junction points between body, mind, and emotions. Using oils specific to your mind-body constitution, or dosha, this light circular touch stimulates the vital energy points for restoration and rejuvenation, awakening your inner healing system.   This treatment focuses on opening and balancing energy flow according to the Indian energy system. Marma points, similar to acupressure points, are stimulated with herbal oils using circular motions. You will feel refreshed and energized after a marma session.