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Amrit Rejuvenation Facial $160


Amrit Rejuvenation Facial – Botanical Concentrated Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment, 55mins, $135.  Series Treatment Package 3 for $360 ($120 per Treatment)

The ultimate in facial renewal – Amrit means nectar in Sanscrit. We utilize many sacred nectars and precious oils in this instant firming and plumping treatment that creates a glowing radiance with this deeply hydrating facial. This unique 3 phase treatment delivers an infusion of both healing oxygen, hyaluronic acid, and all natural collagen peptides within one service. First, a collagen serum is applied to promote firmness and elasticity. Next, a steady mist of pressurized oxygen is sprayed directly on the skin, delivering oxygen deep into the cellular layers which immediately plumps the skin. The deep infusion of oxygen and collagen revives and replenishes skin cells, leaving skin instantly hydrated and younger looking. The result is a complexion that looks rejuvenated, radiant and glowing. Oxygen revitalizes the epidermis and stimulates cellular growth by increasing cellular proliferation. It will kill surface bacteria, deep anaerobic bacteria and fungus. Oxygen will supply energy to the epidermis and to the dermis, helping to heal any small wounds and irritations. In the dermis, it will help produce collagen and elastin and help restructure the extracellular matrix. Oxygen is a micronutrient and it will assist with many metabolic processes in the skin. Lastly, it is critical for many enzyme reactions, and the presence of oxygen can often accelerate these reactions.” - Dr. Peter T. Pugliese of Skin Inc. magazine

The treatment is finished off with a truly indulgent anti-aging massage to fuse these precious serums deep into the epidermis. 

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