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  • Ritual Signature Organic Facial $79
    Ritual Signature Organic Facial 60-75 mins $79
    With this fully customized all natural facial experience you will be indulging in the best organic skincare has to offer as well as a variety of specialized therapeutic techniques to refresh and revitalize the skin and spirit. The signature Ritual includes a detoxifying cleanse, enzyme color therapy mask with aroma steam, extractions (optional), then a luxuriating and customized massage of the face, neck, and shoulders with our customized herbal oils, followed by a nourishing mask, hand and arm massage, and finally a nourishing moisturizer. *Coming soon client can pick out their fragrant herb of preference to be used in treatment.
  • Amrit Rejuvenation Facial $160

    Amrit Rejuvenation FacialBotanical Concentrated Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment, 75mins, $160.  Series Treatment Package 3 for $380 ($127 per Treatment)
    The ultimate in facial renewal – Amrit means nectar in Sanscrit. We utilize many sacred botanical essences and precious oils in this instant firming and plumping treatment also creates a glowing radiance with this deeply hydrating facial...
  • Ayurvedic Ananda Facial Rejuvenation $125 Optional Shirodhara
    Ayurvedic Ananda Facial Rejuvenation – 75mins, $125. With Shirodhara $175, 90mins

    Literally transcend time with this facial that is steeped in ancient Ayurvedic therapeutic techniques, this facial will have you elevated to a lovely blissed out state of body and mind. Time permitting, you initiate your treatment with face down with the essential oil induced marma point therapy and light massage of the back. The Ananda Facial is meant to relax and illicit a deep sense of relaxation as nourishing, all natural products feed the skin, and a methodical intentional massage of face, scalp, neck and shoulders is applied, while stimulating marma energy points to further induce a natural state of tranquility and ease. And optional is the Shirodhara add-on where the ritual is completed by a warm herb infused oil shirodhara treatment to the head and scalp.  Followed by the balancing Tibetan bowl sound therapy that leaves you resonating to a cosmic vibration. *This treatment does not include extractions.

  • Samadhi Facial $85

    Samadhi Facial - Organically Divine Seasonal Facial - $85


    Luxuriate in this divine, freshly compounded facial that inundates your skin with all natural antioxidant rich, brightening, tightening local and seasonal fruits, extracts, herbs and essential oils. This facial honors the natural rhythms of nature and thus changes according to what therapeutic veggies, fruits and herbs are currently and abundantly available to make sure you receive the most abundantly available enzymatic antioxidants. Pure skin food – Yum! We give you any leftover products to take home as each batch is made fresh just for you!

  • Peace Instill Acne Calming Facial $75


    Peace Instill Acne Calming Facial60mins, $75

    A detoxifying and clarifying facial, that works to calm the fires of the skin and clear the underlying sebum, bacteria and inflammation to allow healing to begin. Anyone needing to clarify the skin with extensive extractions would benefit from this customized treatment.  Utilizes the healing power of micro-current infusion therapy.

  • Elemental Brightening Facial $125

    Elemental Brightening FacialSpecialized Resurfacing Brightening Facial – 60mins, $125


    Journey into the light with this brightening facial starting with a deep cleanse followed by a wonderfully revealing, resurfacing microdermabrasion treatment or botanical manual abrasion alternative, followed by cooling compresses with multiple stones and crystals to calm the tissues. A hydrating, skin lightening, antioxidant mask is then applied and finished with a brightening, restorative moisturizing serum. This treatment also incorporates a hand and arm massage, and a scalp massage to stimulate circulation and further relaxation.

  • HydroFacial and Microdermabrasion

    New! HydroFacial  60-75mins, $135

    Series Package: 3 for $100 ($100/Treatment) Series Package: 6 for $450 ($75/treatment), Series Package 10 for $650 ($65/Treatment)


    Anti-aging and Hydration are the key to this treatment. Deeply exfoliating and pain free, it uses specifically designed vortex hydropeel tips which gently exfoliate the skin using a derma planing motion, and  at the same time these spiral tips allow the deeply hydrating SKIN SERUMS to infuse into the epidermis allowing longer duration on the skin, whilst the spiral edges are designed to push the serums deeper into the skin – producing a dewy plumped up effect! And with this treatment there is no downtime, so you can experience instant gentle and effective reduction of the appearance of scaring, hyperpigmentation due to sun damage, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles while assisting in building collagen in the deeper layers!
    Microdermabrasion– 75mins, $90

    Series Package: 3 for $180 ($60/Treatment) Series Package: 6 for $300 ($50/treatment), Series Package 10 for $450 ($45/Treatment)


    This deeply exfoliating and pain free treatment with no downtime utilizes a diamond tip system that gently and effectively reduces the appearance of scaring, hyperpigmentation due to sun damage, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Facial Add-ons
    Facial add-ons can be applied to any service ritual package to fully customize your experience.  Please see Add-Ons service page for full listing by clicking the 'read more' link below.
  • Body Treatments - Have Arrived!
  • What You Need to Know
    What to know and Spa Etiquette

    At Ritual we understand that our skin is a direct reflection of our internal and emotional state of health. Our advanced skin analysis techniques not only utilize a thorough modern facial exam, but we also incorporate an ancient methodical mapping of the skin that reveals precise and reliable indicators of various states balance and imbalance... 

     Please read further to assure your best experience possible.
    Thank you for choosing Ritual Skin Body Spirit!
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