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Ritual Membership

We all know the importance of self-care, self-nurturing and the relevance it plays in our lives.  How can you not make proper self-care a priority when our world demands so much?  There is a natural balance to be maintained on all levels, body mind and spirit - let Ritual help. Ritual Skin Body Spirit's monthly membership enrollment allows you one treatment with options per month for a VERY affordable fee.  The fees are auto-drafted monthly to assure your monthly ritual visit of self-care.  *Please know that services are subject to change at any time.


All Treatments include upper body massage of arms, neck and shoulders and a Tibetan bowl sound therapy unless facial treatments run over in time. 

Option One $59/monthly - Includes 10% off all Product purchases and a 75-90min choice of including one add-on listed below:


  • Ritual Signature Organic Facial and upper body massage.
  • Peace Instill Calming Facial
  • Galvonic Infusion


*With your choice of one add-on at no additional charge such as LED anti-aging and LED acne calming system, or crystal balancing.

Option Two $79/monthly - Includes 10% off all Product purchases and a 75-90min Choice of one per month:


  • The fabulous HydroFacial including upper body massage (retail $100)
  • Mini MicroCurrent - Instant Facelift and Rejuvenation 75mins.  Enjoy the mini version of this extraordinary age defying and hydrating treatment (Usually 120mins of pure indulgence retail $135).  Includes upper body massage.  Combines current technology with ancient wisdom of Ayurveda Marma point stimulation.
  • Signature Organic Facial with upper body massage with add-on diamond head microdermabrasion (retail $115)
  • Ayurvedic Facial including upper body marma massage and a mini PediKarma foot treatment (retail $120 – Does not include shirodhara)
  • Amrit Oxygen Facial Rejuvenation (retail $135)
  • Botanical Peel
  • Full body aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage (Retail $125)


**With your choice of one add-on at no additional charge, such as an upper body Hot Stone massage, LED anti-aging and acne control light system, Crystal balancing or an Ayurvedic foot treatment.


Services are transferable to other people.  Treatments are able to be rolled over to the following month. A 3 business day notice to end auto draft is required.  Services available under options are subject to change with notice.


Sign up forms are soon to be available online, but for now you can easily schedule online to make an appointment to sign up on your next visit!