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why choose Ritual Spa

Ritual Skin Body Spirit has teamed with other dedicated certified local wellness providers to create a sanctuary of healing with a conglomeration of independent holistic practitioners that strive to provide the very best in their fields of practice.  Ritual Skin Body Spirit is proud to be a part of The Penrose Place community of practitioners and the lovely sanctuary of healing it offers.  We believe this complimentary health cooperative will offer our clients every advantage to grow, heal, and evolve into your strongest, most vital, expression of health.
About Ritual Skin Body Spirit, Inc.
Stacy Lyon Creator and proprietor of Ritual Skin Body Spirit, Inc. is a long time passionate advocate for natural health and wellness. Originally Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Bodyworker (NCBTMB) in 1998, with further certifications in various energetic therapies, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and herbal medicine and nutrition in applied Ayurvedic clinical settings. With this foundation of education she went on to create and direct a small wellness center and apothecary in Florida that enabled her to further develop her love and direction into natural wellness and herbal medicine. Her love and passion for continued learning fostered a move to Boulder Colorado in 2010 becoming certified in skincare soon after, where she lovingly created and founded Ritual Skin Body Spirit in which to offer her specialized indulgent skin corrective services as well as to further develop and create her own artisan crafted botanical organic skincare line made from Colorado's amazing medicinal and abundant botanical wildlife.