Ritual Skin Body Spirit Holistic Esthetics ~ Restorative Bodywork ~ Ayurveda ~ Customized Botanical Skincare


It is the mission of Ritual Skin Body Spirit to offer a sanctuary of wellness that inspires, restores and honors the sacred in us all.  It is Ritual’s intention to become a constantly evolving, ethically sustained, environmentally friendly, spiritually centered, skincare center and apothecary. Paramount to Ritual’s purpose is constant and continued learning, for employees and clients alike. Nothing in this universe is static, we are all evolving and growing and at Ritual we believe knowledge is growth and empowerment, so regular classes and educational tools are essential for Ritual’s evolution and sustainability. In all of Rituals’ ventures and actions we will strive to be environmentally responsible and conscientious, as it is understood that wellness is a continuum and to perpetuate the beauty and healing capabilities in us, the same honor and respect must be given to the environment that sustains us.